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Simply put, we freeze your Fat cells then your body naturally removes those cells without spending hours in the gym exercising.

For some time now scientists have been developing this treatment. The treatment which freezes the fat cells in your body without damaging you skin has been clinically proven to work and can reduce your fat cells in the area treated by up to 25 %. This treatment is called Cryolipolysis™.

This is not like traditional liposuction, this is not an operation that needs a Doctor to use needles or Surgical procedures. You will not need time to recuperate after the treatment.

In fact while we are freezing your fat cells you can read, listen to music or if you really want, you can reply to all those work emails. When the treatment has finished you can stand up and go about your normal day.

Over the next few months your body realises that some of your fat cells have been frozen and therefore removes them from your body naturally and what's more they can never return.

We can repeat this treatment again to gain better results if you desire.

Then all you have to do is enjoy your new figure and keep looking after yourself by leading a healthy life style.
Cool Figure - Sculpt your body - Non surgical fat removal - ExeterCool Figure - Sculpt your body - Non surgical fat removal - Exeter

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